What Type of Seafood Can Dogs Eat?

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Generally, dogs can safely eat seafood. But like humans, not all kinds of seafood are great for your dog’s consumption. As a dog owner, your responsibility, therefore, is to determine which species of shellfish they can eat and to decide on its adequate method of preparation (yeah, that matters too).

Not to worry, for you, figuring things out will be no trouble as we have graciously done the heavy lifting (no, no need to say thank you, haha!). Here’s a guide on plates of seafood that are good for dogs.

cute pug dog with a jean jacket
Dogs love Seafood!

Before we get into the specific types, let’s consider two important points to keep in mind when feeding seafood to your dogs. 

  • Beware of worms and flukes.

You can either feed cooked or raw seafood to your dog. The problem with fresh seafood, though is it contains all sorts of worms and flukes. 

When you cook the fish, the organisms typically die. But if you’d instead not cook it, then you should keep it frozen at minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit (or colder) for at least seven days before feeding it to your hound. The parasites won’t survive at that temperature for that long. Afterwards, you can defrost and feed your dog with it.

  • Fishbones can be dangerous to dogs.

Because fishbones are small and brittle, it’s easy for your dog to swallow them without chewing on them. In such cases, it could choke your doggie, harm its gums, or even injure a more delicate internal organ. 

It goes without saying that if you’re feeding fish to your dog, you have to take the pain to debone it first. With that in mind, let’s go ahead and explore a list of plates of seafood that are healthy, tasty and nutritious for your pet.

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Tea Time!!!

Seafood Dogs Can Eat 

  1. Sardines

These small fishes are widely spoken of as the healthiest fish in the sea; mainly because they only eat planktons and don’t live long. As such, compared with other sea creatures, their contact with contaminants is minimal. Don’t be deceived by the small size of these fishes: they are super nutrient-rich. So be careful with its addition, especially with an already chubby puppy, or it could become obese (hehehe).

  1. Herring and Anchovies 

It is funny how the tiny ones are the richest in terms of nutrients. This category of fish is quite rich in omega-3 acids. This makes them a fantastic addition to your dog’s diet. Please know that preparative methods like roasting, pickling, and salting are not advised, as it contains other elements that might cause harm to your four-legged companion.

  1. Salmon

Salmon fillet is deemed a quality meal for any hound. Salmon is a fine source of necessary protein and fatty acid. It can, therefore, be included in your dog’s diet without the fret of long-term adverse effects. Be sure not to feed the salmon to your hound more than once or twice a week.

Salmon seafood deligh
Give them salmon and they will love you forever.
  1. Seaweed

We’ve found that dogs consider a seaweed meal an outstanding meal. Seaweed exists in numerous forms. It’s however commonly found in the form of dried sheets and powder. Pinch a little of this nutritious food in your hound’s bowl and watch their faces brighten up. Common examples of seaweeds are kelp, dulse (sea parsley), nori, and wakame.

  1. Bivalves 

Oysters and mussels are bivalves that are naturally rich in vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorus, calcium as well as omega-3 fats. The challenge with bivalves is they feed on filters and so they’re prone to toxins that affect muscle function. If you choose to feed bivalves to your hounds for their nutrients make sure they are sourced from clean and cool waters.


Dogs stand to gain a lot from eating seafood. But you’ve got be careful which ones you feed them, and how you feed them. Whether you are giving your four-legged best friend a raw seafood diet or want to treat it to a home-prepared meal especially, it’s essential to prepare it the right way. It should be clean, deboned, thoroughly cooked. 

Finally, remember that moderation is vital in these matters- too much of anything can make you sick. (** in Cheryl Cole’s tone of voice)