The 3 top countries to eat seafood

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Are you craving some really delicious seafood? On the surface, seafood is simply seafood but in practice, every country and culture will have its own unique spin on its preparation. There are certain tastes that you will only experience in certain countries in their true authentic glory.

Seafood advice

There are varied locations around the world where making seafood has been perfected into an art. If you are looking for the best places in the world where you can taste delicious seafood, we have compiled some must-visit destinations for you. Here you can experience diverse offerings ranging from markets to street food stalls and coastal restaurants among many others. The underlying factor is that you are guaranteed to get some unforgettable distinctive taste.


It is impossible to contemplate a global seafood tour without thinking of Japan or of Tsukiji Fish Market. Japan has a rich seafood tradition. There is nowhere else in the globe where you can experience such a diversity of tastes and varieties of seafood. If you would like to taste a mindboggling variety of seafood delicacies, Japan can be a haven.

Japan seafood sushi

With its constellation of fish markets and sushi restaurants strewn across the country and its cities, this is the perfect destination to try out every kind of seafood imaginable. The Japanese local markets sell everything from shrimps to octopuses, squids and prawns.

There are more than 480 different types of seafood in Japan and this is also the place where you are likely to taste some of the freshest catches. In the Japanese tuna auction, a single fish can fetch hundreds of thousand of dollars!

The best place to savor delicious seafood is of course in Tokyo with its multitude of Michelin-Star restaurants. These places serve some of the most delicious and most innovative seafood that you can imagine. Japan also has a rich street food culture and away from its storied restaurants, you can try out its street food offerings such as the grilled octopuses or the kebab-style street food delicacies that are mounted on sticks and dipped in the ubiquitous soy sauce.

The Philippines

Here is another country with a rich seafood tradition. For the best experience, visit the Cebu Island with its many seafood stalls. The Filipino seafood is most commonly prepared in ‘Su-Tu-Kil’, an acronym for Sugba (grilled seafood), Tuwa (soup) and Kilaw (seafood that has been cured in vinegar).

Philippines seafood

The Philippines also has a quirky tradition where you can buy your seafood in the fish markets and then bring it to a restaurant where it is cooked for you. Some of the best treats include the shrimp dipped in tamarind soup (kinilaw na isda), a grilled squid (inihaw na pusit), a raw fish salad (kinilaw na isda) among other delicacies.


A constellation of restaurants, street food installs and a variety of seafood-based cuisines makes Thailand the third in our list of top seafood destinations. Bangkok is where all the magic happens but you can sample the same seafood treats in pretty much any other Thai destination.

The Bangkok street food markets have the breadth of variety to satisfy all your seafood cravings. They are not only tasty but also very affordable. The breadth of Thai spices also add extra flavors to the Thai seafood scene. If you love sour or spicy flavors, you will certainly fall in love with Thai seafood.


For the best salmon and shellfish, head over to Canada. Close to $500 million of seafood products are produced in British Columbia alone and you can be sure to get a taste of some of that here. The quintessential Canadian seafood treat comes fresh and delicious. There is a good selection of salmon, halibut and cod. Sushi is also a popular treat here.

The US

Some of the best destinations for a delicious seafood treat in the US are Louisiana and Maine. New York also has a constellation of restaurants that serve a variety of seafood cuisines.

american food

The Red Fish Grill in New Orleans is one of the best places where you can savor delicious seafood in Louisiana. The seafood menu here includes oysters, crawfish, seafood gumbo and alligator among others.

You can also sample seafood in many of Louisiana’s Cajun-style restaurants that are found throughout New Orleans.

The best spots for delicious seafood in Maine include the Olympia Oyster Bar, Portland Lobster Company and Jake’s Famous Crawfish. The Portland Lobster Company serves delicious lobsters in a nice waterside setting with live music. At the Olympia Oyster Bar, you can indulge yourself in the delicious oyster happy hour.