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About us

Cooking Seafood

Cheyney Seafood is your one-stop blog on everything seafood. Our postings regularly feature educative, fun and as we like to say, crabitivating information on everything seafood-related. If you love seafood and would fancy knowing more about that, well then, welcome home!

Perhaps you’re a diehard seafood lover looking for recipes to appeal to your pescetarian palate. Or you’re a new adoptee of a no-meat diet hunting for a permanent but flavourful replacement to make your new lifestyle tasty and gratifying. Again, Cheyney Seafood is home!

A major theme of our blog is the idea of community. The Cheyney Seafood community comprises of seafood enthusiasts, professional cooks, Harry-that-lives-next-door, and Samantha that just wants to know the lifespan of shrimps. 

We regularly release posts to engage individuals in our community constructively and also to foster relationships built around the focal subject matter- seafood. No doubt, fishes and shrimps taste great. But they taste amazingly better (you have no idea!) when the feast and the moments are shared with your global community of friends. 

With clarity, humor, and style, we communicate our content to our ever-increasing and relevant global audience. We’ve set the bar rocket–high on what it means to be an excellent seafood blog …and we are continually raising it. 

Wondering what that means for you? It means you can rest assured and expect to be kept abreast of significant events and updates in seafood--the nutrition, business, and the sea animals themselves—on Cheyney Seafood.

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